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You Don't Meet In An Inn is a podcast about exploring obscure tabletop role playing games with a diverse cast of rotating players.

Hosted by Christine Blight and Austin Ramsay.

Aug 30, 2021

For the last few months Christine (with some help from Austin) has been working on turning the introductory story that will appear in the final version of Beam Saber into an amazing audio file. The story is written by Austin Walker and tells the tale of a group of DFS soldiers sent on a special mission to assassinate...

Aug 5, 2018

Over the last two weeks Christine has been undergoing a series of medical treatments that take a lot out of her. So this week we're doing a bit of cross promotion. Here's an episode of Austin's podcast Beam Saber: The Cenotaph.

Hopefully Christine will be back on her feet soon and we'll resume our regularly scheduled...

Beam Saber Livestream!

Apr 28, 2018

Austin will be bringing his mecha focused Blades In The Dark hack to Twitch for playtesting and entertainment! He and 4 players will be streaming on Tuesdays at 6pm EST starting May 8, 2018.

Join them at

The stream will begin shortly...

Beam Saber V0.23

Mar 21, 2018

Hey everyone! Beam Saber V0.23 is now live! The change log for this version is in the attached image. The big highlights are the Session Zero (including lines, veils, and the X-card), Rivals, and Allies sections.

Beam Saber V0.21!

Mar 3, 2018

Hello everyone,

For the past couple of months Austin has been working on Beam Saber which is a mech/vehicle focused hack of Blades in the Dark. It's a game about trying to survive the War, because your actions feel so small in the grand scheme of things. There's no way you can defeat the enemy nations, they're just too...