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You Don't Meet In An Inn is a podcast about exploring obscure tabletop role playing games with a diverse cast of rotating players.

Hosted by Christine Blight and Austin Ramsay.

Once A Guard, Always A Guard

Sep 28, 2017

Before I started working on Nexus I organized a Dawn of Worlds... campaign, is probably the right word, that had about 10 players and lasted for several long sessions. We created a very detailed and full fantasy setting in that campaign in spite of Dawn of Worlds' flaws (seriously if you want a setting creation game play Microscope instead) but then nothing further ever happened with that setting because there was SO much of it. I tried collecting all the necessary information for a setting document, which became a wiki, but none of the other players chipped in other than answering my questions which didn't really help with the heavy lifting.

This story was a way to tie that setting into Nexus and possibly find further use for the copious amounts of material I had without requiring a full blown campaign or explanation. Don't need a setting document if the characters aren't from the setting after all.



I'm from one of the outlying realities. A world where there are beings who would call themselves gods and shaped the world with their wills. Now they meddle in the affairs of us "lowly mortals," granting some of us power, and blighting others because our leaders didn't pay them tribute.

I got lucky. I was a city guard in Blade Point before it fell to Visour's army of the dead. A merc team from Nexus was running a job to retrieve an artifact from the city before it fell. Their nerve rifles were proving less than effective against the dead in the walls, and so when I saved two of them with my sword, they offered me a way out of the doomed city. Now I do what I always did. I work security, but at least I don't have to worry about an army of dead killing me. I think.