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You Don't Meet In An Inn is a podcast about exploring obscure tabletop role playing games with a diverse cast of rotating players.

Hosted by Christine Blight and Austin Ramsay.

Aug 5, 2018

Over the last two weeks Christine has been undergoing a series of medical treatments that take a lot out of her. So this week we're doing a bit of cross promotion. Here's an episode of Austin's podcast Beam Saber: The Cenotaph.

Hopefully Christine will be back on her feet soon and we'll resume our regularly scheduled programming, but in the meantime we hope you enjoy this digression.


You Don't Meet In An Inn presents Beam Saber: The Cenotaph.

In this episode The Cenotaph are presented with two missions: one for pay transporting the dead, and one for a friend fighting that friend's rivals. The solution? Split the squad.

This is an audio recording of the Beam Saber: The Cenotaph livestream that is every Tuesday 6pm EST on our twitch channel. You can catch previous episodes on our youtube channel, or as mp3s at or on itunes.

Beam Saber is a Forged in the Dark Game by Austin Ramsay. If you'd like to support its development Austin has a Patreon.

You can find the Beam Saber rules here!

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