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You Don't Meet In An Inn is a podcast about exploring obscure tabletop role playing games with a diverse cast of rotating players.

Hosted by Christine Blight and Austin Ramsay.

Aug 2, 2015

We return to Pear Tree Gardens in this actual play of 'Savage Worlds'!

G.M Austin Ramsay takes players Christine Blight, Mara Dyne, and Niamh Malcom on a trip down memory lane. What happens when you birth a god baby?

'Savage Worlds' is written by Shane Lacy Hensley, and ublished by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. You can buy a copy of it here!

Mara can be found @Maradyne. Twitter is extremely NSFW.

You can contact us by email at, on Twitter @notaninn, or on Facebook.

The reedited version of 'Apocalypes World' will be available on Monday at